Chroma Nano Tech, a project launched at Binghamton University by five inventors, is the driving force behind a new passive solar energy technology that uses optical nanoparticles. The product, a transparent film that manufacturers lay over window glass, lets in light while keeping out heat.

One of the inventors, company president William Bernier, estimates that the technology can help customers save 50 percent of their energy costs.  

My successes. 

The National Science Foundation awarded ChromaNanoTech a $150,000 Small Business Innovation Research Grant. As a finalist in the 76West Clean Energy competition, the company was also awarded $250,000 from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

How SCORE helped. 

After meeting SCORE mentor William Ritter several times at local startup events. Bernier was impressed with Ritter’s wide range of business knowledge and contacts and began working with him as a mentor through SCORE, meeting with him about every two weeks. Bernier also participated in SCORE webinars on topics like creating a business plan.  

“I share the full variety of challenges with my mentor.” says William Bernier. “I respect his experience in a wide range of areas regarding contracts, business dealings, staffing, intellectual property, marketing, business planning and sales activities.  He routinely offers encouragement but also proposes challenges to focus on key areas to advance the business.”